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7 easy ways to boost your energy levels after the Easter break

If the Easter break and the clocks going forward have left you low in energy, here are 7 easy ways you can boost your energy levels right now

Feeling low after a fun and fulfilled Easter? Perhaps, you’ve had too many late nights or been pushing yourself too hard. Or maybe the clock change has set your routine out of whack. 

If this sounds like you – here are some simple suggestions to help you get your energy levels back on track.   

Energy Booster #1 Give yourself an ear massage

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are more than 100 acupuncture points in the ear. The earlobe, for example, represents the head, and the edge of the ear, the spine. 

‘Different parts of the ear correlate to different areas of the body,’ says Katie Brindle, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Founder of the Hayo’u Method and Life Healer.

‘By massaging the ear, you are stimulating the many different acupoints and activating vital energy’. 

Energy Booster #2 Scalp Combing

For an instant energy hit, ‘comb’ your scalp – a technique used in Qigong.

Combing your hair stimulates numerous acupuncture points on the scalp. This gets the energy (qi) flowing through the body, clearing stagnation and blocks, stimulating the circulation and has an energising effect on the mind and body. 

Combing your scalp will massively invigorate your energy levels

‘Combing your scalp will massively invigorate your energy levels, leaving you feeling relaxed, yet energised,’ says Brindle.

‘The beauty of this simple practise is that you can do it anytime. All you need is a comb. Ideally, use a jade comb, for extra benefits.’

Try: Jade Body and Scalp Comb Gua Sha, £48

Combing your hair stimulates numerous acupuncture points on the scalp

 Energy Booster #3 Energising Scents 

Certain scents such as peppermint, rosemary, black pepper and citrus (eg: orange, grapefruit) have a natural energising effect. 

Research shows, for example, that when a room is infused with short bursts of peppermint every three to five minutes, this makes people more alert.  Sniffing peppermint essential oil before working out may also boost exercise performance according to a recent study (Nutrients, 2023). 

The easiest way to harness the energising effects of essential oils is to dab a few drops on a tissue and inhale.   

Try: Alexandra Kay Time To Smile Aroma Bracelet, £20 – includes uplifting essential oil and aromatherapy bracelet.

To make an energising spray add five to six drops of essential oils to a 30 ml bottle of base oil such as jojoba, sweet almond or grapeseed oil.  Use any combination of your three favourite energising oils, two drops each. Mix well. Add six to eight drops of this blend to a small spray bottle of distilled water. Use as an energising spray.

Try: Tisserand Peppermint (£8.50), Orange (£6.50), Black Pepper (£12) Organic Essential Oils (9ml each).

Energy Booster #4 Tap and Shake your way to energy

‘Tapping and shaking are simple techniques, based on Chinese Medicine, that will energise you in minutes,’ says Brindle. 

Shaking. All you have to do is shake your whole body vigorously for ten to 15 seconds. This gets the circulation flowing and will really wake you up if you’re feeling a bit sluggish. 

Tapping how to: Clench your first and start tapping different parts of your body. This stimulates the meridians (energy channels) and promotes better energy flow throughout your body.

Tapping and shaking are simple techniques, based on Chinese Medicine

By tapping the thymus located in the upper chest, behind the sternum and about 7cm beneath the throat, this helps to stimulate the immune system, and reduces stress and anxiety.  

Tapping around the abdomen and the sides of the body, helps to regulate the digestive system, spleen and liver energy. Tap down the inside and outside of the arms, and finish by tapping along the sides of your legs. 

his stimulates the meridians (energy channels) and promotes better energy flow throughout your body

 Energy Booster #5 Unprocessed your Diet 

‘Eating an unprocessed diet can help you to avoid the mid-afternoon energy slump,’ says Rob Hobson, sports and registered nutritionist and author of Unprocess Your Life.

‘Ultra processed foods are often high in quickly digested carbohydrates. This can exacerbate the tiredness you feel in the mid-afternoon as your blood sugar levels then drop at a rapid rate.

Eating an unprocessed diet can help you to avoid the mid-afternoon energy slump

‘If you focus your lunch around lean proteins (poultry fish, tofu, beans, pulses, lentils) alongside a little high-fibre carbohydrates (brown rice, bread or wholegrain), healthy fat (olive oil, avocado) and lots of veggies, then the effect on your blood sugar levels will be less. You’ll also feel fuller for longer and between meals.’  

 Energy Booster #6 Top up with energising Supplements 

Hobson recommends topping up on these daily supplements to maintain good energy levels.  

Vitamin D 

‘This time of year we are all struggling to get enough vitamin D due to the lack of sunlight,’ says Hobson. 

‘Symptoms of low vitamin D can include fatigue, muscle weakness, mood changes and recurrent infections (coughs and colds) which can leave you feeling poorly energised. The recommended daily intake is 10mcg daily so February is a really good time to make sure you aren’t slacking off and taking it.’  

Try: Healthspan Vitamin D3 (10mcg) – £7.45 for 240 tablets.


‘Co-enzyme Q10 is found in mitochondria which are the powerhouses of cells in the body,’ explains Hobson.

‘This is where the food you eat gets converted into energy so the body can function properly. As you age the body becomes less efficient at producing CoQ10 which may impact on your energy production and antioxidant defence mechanism.

‘Ubiquinol is a form of of CoQ10 that is more readily absorbed in the body and is especially recommended for anyone over the age of 50.’ 

Try: Healthspan Ubiquinol Max, £33.11 for 60 capsules

Breathing through the mouth reduces your ability to regulate your nervous system properly

 Energy Booster #7 Breathing for Energy

The way you breathe can have a huge impact on energy levels. Deep, rhythmic breathing also harmonises and cleanses your whole system, clears energy blocks, improves concentration and calms the nerves, promoting mental and physical balance. Ideally, you should breathe through your nose.

‘One of my firmest beliefs when it comes to breathwork, is that your mouth should stay firmly shut,’ says Sound Therapist Farzana Ali, author of Sound Healing.

‘There is currently an epidemic of mouth breathing in the West. Breathing through the mouth reduces your ability to regulate your nervous system properly. It’s also causing a whole host of health issues, from incorrectly formed bites, increased allergies, and postural issues to sleep problems.

Deep, rhythmic breathing also harmonises and cleanses your whole system

‘When you breathe through your nose, this prompts your body to produce a compound called nitric acid, which has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

‘Known as the miracle molecule, nitric oxide protects your body from many airborne pathogens and stops you from getting ill. It also helps widen your blood vessels to improve circulation so that highly oxygenated blood can travel around your body more easily.’

This maximises oxygen intake which boosts energy levels.  

Try the following breathing technique to calm your mind, and increase your energy and sense of wellbeing: 

The Box Breath 
  • Start by taking a deep breath in through your nose for a mental count of 4 seconds, feeling the air pass through your nostrils. 
  • With your lungs full, hold the breath for 4 seconds. 
  • Slowly exhale, emptying your lungs through your nose for 4 seconds. 
  • Now hold for 4 seconds. 
  • Repeat steps 1- 4 as long as you need. 

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